About me

Passionate personal photographER who loves capturing moments based in the midlands

I'm James, I’m from Stoke On Trent in Staffordshire and I’m a photographer.

Me and Izzy on our wedding day back in 2020 –

Photo Credit to Armani Photography

Who am I?

So you’ve found my about page. As you may have guessed Im a photographer, my base is in Stoke-on-Trent. I cover weddings nationwide although most are in the Midlands. 

I’m a tech loving, passionate person and a loving husband (and a pretty good one at that although not sure if Izzy would agree!). Ive been married now for 3 years although I have been with Izzy my now wife for 8. She often comes along with me on weddings to shoot a different perspective and she really does  LOVE a good wedding! 

We both live together in our home in Stoke with our amazing two wonderful whippets Ruby and Rosie (or R squared as they are sometimes known).  There are some pictures of them a little futher down, the mad buggers keep us active and we love them to bits!


How I got here?

I’m not going to tell you the usual “I’ve had a camera in my hand for as long as I can remember” as although it’s true it isn’t how I found my true passion for Photography. 

My true passion was found while doing some simple party photography for a friend. I just loved taking photos of people having epic times. Before I knew it I was out ta

Capturing moments for people (even picking up a camera at my own wedding!) quickly became my favourite part of photography and still is today!

You will find me at your wedding with hunting for moments, always looking arround and caputing your day for many years to come! 

Me taking a selfie with some of the bridal party at a wedding in 2022

My Approach

Well I like to say we are the perfect mix of posed and natural, but then again I am a little baised. Both me and Izzy love a good wedding day and we love to capture as many moments which happen during the day as we can. We also love to create a portait which can hang in pride of place on the living room wall. 

We may sometimes be in the background lurking ready to capture the moments that make your wedding, from the Paige boy messing with his tie to the tears of laughter when the best man tells the story he said he wouldn’t. 

We will be there on your wedding day not only taking photos but being there to help too. I often end up helping the groomsmen with their buttonholes as well as pouring another glass of prosecco for the girls. We will also be on hand to ofcourse tell you you look stunning in your dress and to take the mickey out of the wedding.

Why me for your wedding?

If you want some blown out photos of your wedding day you may as well leave now. If you want dark photos with no contrast this link will take you back to Google. If you want some truly timeless images taking of your special day that you can treasure for a lifetime I am your man (steady Wham!)!  

If you want someone who you can have a laugh with and have fun with while getting some truely awesome photos then we are the ones for you.



Get in touch here to discuss your day!