Beth & Drew

You’ve captured our family beautifully, in all of our madness and chaos. You went along with our crazy ways, and a stroppy toddler, and managed to somehow catch some amazing photos amongst it all.

You have no idea how much these photos mean.

My fiancé has had a rough year, and seen some dark times. But you captured photos of him in his natural element with his infectious smile and making me laugh, which he always manages to do regardless of the situation he’s in.

My mum had a diagnosis last year that we’re pretty sure still hasn’t sunk in with us all, and we were told our time with her was limited and our days were numbered. But you captured photos of her and my baby girl together that we’ll treasure forever. My little one may not ever remember her Nanny, or have the memories of her that we have, but she’ll have these photos with her that will show her just how much her Nanny dotes on her.

In between all the paddies and strops because we wouldn’t let her dive into the lake, you got some beautiful photos of my baby girl smiling away and giggling! A moment that may have only lasted a few seconds at a time but you caught it just at the right moment!

And there’s even a few photos that I’m in which I love!!! And it takes some talent to get a person more comfortable behind a camera than in front of it to relax!

You are an incredibly talented and gifted person and we’ve loved looking through them all!

Wishing you all the best for your new venture in the future doing something you were clearly born to do!

Love from,

Us 4 ❤️ X

Sam & Ash

The Smiths

We had a family photo shoot today with James, my husband, two daughters (5 and 2 years old) and myself. We have the pleasure of already knowing James so felt comfortable chatting to him as we walked around the park where we had chosen to have our photographs.
Our youngest daughter was a little shy at first but James soon had her smiling and was happy chatting with her to get her to warm up for the camera.
The whole time James was with us felt so natural – he had loads of ideas for posed photos but was also proactive in running ahead and catching us being natural as a family. (Which personally, are my favourite kind of photos) He didn’t shy away from following the children and catching them playing, he even went and stood in a bush – now that’s commitment to get a good shot!
We have been sent four absolute stunning photos this evening as a taster of what is to come. We are so incredibly excited to see the rest! James has caught our children playing and having fun, and has caught us having fun as a family. He hasn’t used too much photoshop or done anything overly fancy. He simply has a great eye for a shot!
We can’t thank you enough James and can’t wait to see the rest!!